Ota Ward was born from the combination of Omori and Kamata Ward. It is derived from the fact that it was named by taking each kanji character. The areas are Denenchofu, Senzokuike, Omori, Sanno, Ikegami, Yaguchi, Kamata, and southward to the coast, Haneda, and Rokugo. Ota Ward, which retains the atmosphere of Japan, is dotted with tourist attractions such as town factories. The first is Haneda Airport, which is the gateway to the world. The flow of people and the image of people around the airport, where international flights have started, have changed significantly. "Haneda Shopping Street" is near that.

The future of this town

At Haneda Airport, the flow of people and the image are undergoing major changes. It's changing, unlike what it used to be. New technologies and companies are beginning to consolidate around Innovation City and airports. I think the Haneda shopping street, which is located near that area, has become the most interesting place.

The future of this town

The number of people landing at Haneda Airport exceeds 80 million. International flights at Haneda Airport have been activated, and many foreigners are visiting Japan. Many foreigners are walking in the Haneda shopping district. Such a scene is not uncommon. Not only shops but also people living in the area communicate in English and welcome foreigners warmly.

what's new

2022.02.01 Haneda Shrine Setsubun Festival canceled
2022.02.01 Anamoru Inari Setsubun Festival canceled

2022.01.01 Haneda Nanafuku Inari Tour Canceled


2022.02.12(sat) Ota-ku shopping street eco bag workshop
2022.02.13(sun) Ota-ku shopping street eco bag workshop

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representative:hasegawa yasushi
address:6-1-6 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo